Using the new Xmedius fax service

You may have noticed a recent change, in that your faxes are coming from the different service OR you're suddenly not getting them.

We will address the former first: All faxes have been, (or are in the process of being) moved to a new service called Xmedius Cloud. If you were already used to efax the change will be minor, if you were one of the few who still had a traditional fax service there are a few differences you'll have to get used to.

First, you'll want to scan documents that you want to fax into your email inbox. Then, forward those documents to the fax number, followed by Unlike with efax, it shouldn't be necessary to put a 1 in front of the fax number, so for example

The reason you want to send it via email instead of via a copier is because when you email it, the fax provider (in this case, xmedius) guarantees the fax will be sent as long as you entered the number correctly. If you did everything right, then any issues with failed deliveries will be on the receiving end 99.99% of the time. 

Speaking of failed deliveries, xmedius will send you a confirmation email on whether the fax failed or succeeded within a few minutes after you send it. This way, if the people come back and tell you they didn't get it you have proof that it was sent!


In the event that you're suddenly not receiving faxes, please do the following: Check your Other, Junk, and Spam folders. Make sure you are not blocking Xmedius Cloud since that's who they'll be coming from. And if all else fails, contact support at or call at 409.730.2077

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