Emailing and Faxing from Matrixcare

Sometimes when you go to send out an Email or Fax via Matrix, you may find you are unable to send. Below I'll go over the steps you'll want to cover to verify you are sending correctly.

For Emailing:
1. In Matrixcare, select whatever item you are attempting to fax or send
2. Compose an email, but before sending view the "Cc/Bcc" field at the top. You should be able to locate a "From" field
3. Verify that the email in the "From" field is your work email address. If it is, go ahead and hit send. Skip to 5
4. If the email is not yours, it is likely the "noreply" email that manages the iPad. Please tap on it and change it to yours and then send
5. Check your sent folder. If it went out, then you're good! If not, contact IT


For Faxing:
1. Follow the above steps, but make sure that you are emailing to the fax number There is no need to use a country code, so for example the IT fax would be
2. Check your email for a confirmation page to come through in a few minutes. If it looks correct then you're good!


For any additional assistance or if these methods don't work even after changing the email to yours, please contact the Helpdesk at 409.730.2077 or via email at
Thank you!

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