Transferring data to a new iPhone

Sometimes when you get a new company phone, your data doesn't transfer over. Below are the steps you can take to transfer as much as possible:

  1. The first step is to sign in to the old phone by either creating an Apple ID (may be necessary if you want to transfer contacts, but we encourage that you write the password down to sign OUT of this account when finished) or by using your company email/password
  2. Tap on where it now shows your name, tap on icloud, tap on icloud backup, tap on backup now.
  3. Sign in with the same apple ID (either your own, or the company one) on the new phone. If everything carries over, you're good! Skip to step 8. If you are missing your contacts, continue on to step 4
  4. This is the point where you will need a non-company Apple ID. Sign in or create a non-company apple ID, go to the app store, and search for MC Backup and choose "MCBackup - My Contacts Backup"
  5. Before you can download it, it may tell you the Apple ID hasn't been used before. Tap "review" and input the address info and personal info, but do NOT put a payment method. It's not necessary
  6. Tap "Get" and download the app. Open it and ignore/close out of any ads that pop up, at the bottom go to the backups tab and choose the .vcf backup file, then either tap on the email icon (@) to email it to yourself, or choose share icon (looks like 3 dots connected by 2 lines) and choose to airdrop it, if you're by yourself then your new phone will be the only one that shows up. If it doesnt, go to settings and search for airdrop and enable it on both phones.
  7. When the file either comes through email or airdrop, open it and choose to create new contact entries for all of them.
  8. You're set! If you created a custom Apple ID, return to the stop of Settings and choose to sign out. Please make sure you choose to "keep a copy" of all your info otherwise all of the above will have been pointless. Once you're signed out you're fully done.

If this fails to copy over anything such as emails, texts, etc. there isn't really much to be done except to go to each one individually and airdrop it to the new device. You can also do this with notes. For further help, contact the helpdesk via email at or by phone at 409-730-2077.

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