Setting up a new iPhone/iPad

So you just got your new device and you're ready to set it up? Alright then, straight to the fun part! Follow these steps below if you need guidance on what to do:

1. First thing is first, select the basics it gives you such as the language. Once it asks to connect to a Wifi network, connect to the non-guest network used at your office. The name differs by location but it's usually HCS or outpatient for most people. If you don't know the password for it, ask the personnel on site or call IT (number at the bottom of this post). A mobile hotspot is also acceptable if needed.

2. Now that that's out of the way, continue through setup and choose whether or not to set up Touch ID, then create a passcode. For the passcode, don't use repeating characters like 000000, 123123, etc. because once you're done it will force you to change it, as it won't meet security requirements. Try to think of something memorable, yet hard to guess for anyone trying to tamper with it.

3. You can mostly choose allow on the remainder of steps such as iMessage, Siri, etc. Choose to set up an Apple ID later. If it's a phone, you'll be prompted to call a number - this step is very important for device activation and you'll need to use another phone to call the number on screen, then input your new work cell number to activate it. 

4. Once you're finally through those setup steps and onto the main screen, let's start by adding your email account: Go to Settings>Mail>Accounts>Add Account and choose Microsoft Exchange, then enter your email and tap the description (it will populate "Exchange") and tap Next. Choose to Sign In and you should be taken to a Microsoft page, enter your email password here and you should be taken back and see the sliders turned green. Hit Save and we'll move on

5. Now that your mail is added, you may have noticed you get a pop-up that asks you to sign in to something like "noreply@airwatch." For reference, this is the service account that allows us to reset the device if it gets locked, so we can't remove it. Instead what we can do to make that pop-up come up way less often is go back to Settings and go to "Sign In" at the very top. Use your email and password as your apple ID, as one was automatically created for you when we made your account

6. Now that we've signed in, let's actually circle back to Mail. Open the Mail app, and choose to Protect Mail Privacy. Once you're in you should be directly in "All Mailboxes," if the back button at the top left says "Mailboxes" that will confirm this. If you tap on that, you can choose to go directly into "Exchange" instead. Something important to note is that sometimes, the phone tries to use that "noreply" email to send emails, so they fail. If this happens to you, try sending from "Exchange" and/or when composing an email tap "From" at the top and select your email. This will fix that issue

And that's that! You can test your other sign-ins, but for Matrixcare, and iSolved IT will be unable to assist with any login issues. If you require further assistance you can always reach us via email at or by phone at 409-730-2077

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