Self-Service Password Reset

Use the following steps to access Azure AD Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) and get back into your account without helpdesk assistance.


  1. Browse to any Office 365 Sign-in page i.e., select the Forgot my password link.



2. Enter you email address followed by the CAPTCHA phrase and select Next.





3. Enter the required verification info you setup when you first logged into your account. In the example below the system will call or test a mobile number. Depending on the verification options you originally setup this could be an email address, a voice only number or the Microsoft Authenticator App.



4. Enter the verification code you receive from Microsoft and select Next.



5. Enter a new password and verify it. Once completed you should see the following screen. You can select the link to sign in with your new password. If you were issued a mobile device you will need to update the password on your device to the password you just created.






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