Enrolling your iPad or iPhone into Device Management

Whether you have a new device that failed to set up correctly or a device that hasn't been used in so long it has dropped out of our MDM (mobile device management), you will occasionally find yourself needing to re-enroll your company device.

To verify whether you need to do this, check a few things first. Do you have the company mileage, matrix, isolvedgo, etc. apps all installed? Do you have a harbor logo for a background? Finally, under Settings>General>Device Management does it show a device manager, and show your device as enrolled? If you are unsure or answered no to any of these, please follow the steps below: 

1. Go to settings>general>software update and try to update your iPhone/iPad to the newest version it will let you. Try to avoid being on the newest release as some apps will not support it, but if the newest release is 15.4 (current as of March 2022, at the time of writing) try to at least get to 15.2. You can find the current release by googling "current iOS version," and you can find the version you are on by going to Settings>General>About and viewing the Software Version.
2. After that, open Safari and search for (if this is an iPad, first go to settings>safari and DISABLE "Request Desktop Website")
3. When the page opens, look below the box asking for a group ID and choose "or use an email address"
4. Enter your work email and proceed. Then, enter your email AND password on the next page. Continue
5. If asked to download profile, say yes. Say yes to any prompts until it tells you the profile has been downloaded. At this point, close safari and open settings
6. Near the top of the settings window it will say "profile downloaded" open that and choose to Install the profile
7. Once again agree to the prompts as requested. Once it says the profile is installed, you're good to go, and apps should begin loading.

If an app you need is not loaded immediately, please see our article on using the Hub app. 

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