Reinstalling or Syncing a profile to fix app issues

If your apps ever fail to load correctly or you're missing something you need, these issues can usually be fixed with a quick refresh of the device profile. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Hub app and sign in. If you are told you are unauthorized contact IT, otherwise proceed to the next step.

2. Inside the Hub, tap on Support in the bottom-right corner. You should immediately see a page about your device. First, tap the button that says to sync your device to re-sync to our MDM services. 

3. If that does not fix your issue, go down to the advanced section and tap on Profiles. Tap the installed profile, then at the bottom tap Reinstall Profile. This will perform a total reinstall of your profile to your device, and should fix most issues you would be having with apps.

If you need additional apps please see our articles on using the Hub to install apps and our Article on adding an Apple ID to install additional apps as well. If the apps are installed but not working, please see the article on updating your device and why it's important.

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