Keeping your iOS device up to date, and why it's important

When we send out new Apple devices, they are usually on the latest version of iOS or possibly 1 or 2 versions behind. However, Apple released new updates at least once per month, and these can pile up quickly if you are not keeping up with your device's update schedule. If you fall to far behind, you may be removed from our Device Management, but before that happens it's very likely your apps will stop working due to being on an outdated software version. Here's how to keep your device up to date to stop that from happening:

1. Google "latest iOS version" and then go to Settings>General>About and view your Software Version. Compare the 2. If you are several updates behind (Apple almost always releases updates in a standardized format, for example 14.8 followed by 14.8.1 followed by 14.9, and so on), you should go ahead and update the device. 

2. To do this, go back to Settings and General, but this time tap on Software Update. If it tells you there is an update available, choose to download and install it now. If it does not list one but you know you're behind, contact IT to verify your device is enrolled and have us manually push the update if necessary.

3. To make the update process as smooth as possible, verify you are connected to a strong WiFi signal (never use the Guest WiFi to update) and plug the device into a power source as updates can consume a lot of battery.

4. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for the device to complete the update. If this is not enough time, we strongly encourage that you leave your device plugged in and update overnight either at home (if you have an assigned device you take home with you) or if it's a shared device, leaving it updating overnight/when not in use at the office is also acceptable.

Once the device has been updated, any problems you were having should be remedied and your apps may update as well now that they're compatible again. If you still have device trouble, please view our article on refreshing your device management profile.

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