Adding a printer or fixing common Print issues

To connect to a company printer for the first time, or to reconnect a printer to correct errors, please follow the steps below:

1. Open Printers & Scanners (you can search it in the bottom-left search bar on the desktop) and remove the printer if it is installed already. Exit Settings.
2. Back in the bottom-left search bar, type in \\printsrv-1 and press enter. A list should open of all the network printers
3. Locate your printer (they are alphabetical, and you can search in the top right) and double click on it to install it
4. If a blank print queue window opens up that says Printer, Document, etc. it means you are connected
5. Click on "Printer" on this window and set it as default. Then try to print a document. Make sure it's the selected printer

If you have followed these steps and your printer is still not connecting or printing, please contact IT for support if you have not done so yet.

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