Reporting phishing emails

A phishing email is a type of email attack that attempts to trick you into giving out sensitive information by appearing as a legitimate company or person contacting you. Always check the address emails were sent from to make sure it is a valid sender and not someone impersonating them, never open any attachments from emails you do not recognize, and never enter your credentials when asked to do so through a link from an email you did not request.

You can now report malicious phishing emails in all versions of Outlook. Doing so is important as it will improve our scam email detection through Microsoft. Below are the methods for each version of Outlook.

For the Desktop App: With the suspicious email open, make sure you have the "Home" tab selected at the top left of the window, then look to the top right and click on the "Report Message" option and select the category for reporting. 

For the Web version: With the suspicious email open, in the body of the message at the top right, near the arrow for "reply" you'll see a small icon, if you hover your mouse cursor over it it will say "Report Message." Click on this and then select the category for reporting.

For Outlook on tablet/smartphone: With the suspicious email open, in the body of the message you will see 3 small dots in the top right, right below the time the email was received ( it is not the 3 small dots at the very top). Tap on this, then select "Report Message" if it is available and select a category for reporting. If it is not available, choose "Add-ins" and then the Report Message add-in. Then go back through the steps.


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